Muscle Factory

  • Increases tissue mitosis.
  • Firming.
  • Improves the appearance of the buttock giving volume, firmness and contour.

Technical Sheet-Overview

Toning product for the buttocks, favors the increase of cell mitosis of tissue, ideal to reaffirm and improve the appearance of the buttock with enrichment of volume, in addition to providing firmness and contour for a more profitable result. Liquid solution, transparent colorless. PH 4.8-5.3. Product of foodstuffs and cosmetics VITAMAC and COSVITAC S.A.S.

Each vial of Factory Muscle contains:

  • Sodium chloride (0.2% solution)
  • 10% striated Muscle lysate
  • Organic silicon

Aesthetic, cosmetic and high quality mesotherapy products.

Greensky Vasam

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